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Relax in the best lit home this Christmas Season without lifting a finger!

Give your family the BEST Christmas EVER

This holiday season, use the professional services of 402 Christmas Lights and give your family the best Christmas ever, without climbing on a ladder or searching for bad bulbs!

We provide the most high-quality, safe, and affordable Christmas light installation in the Midwest. Our all-inclusive service includes free custom design, a free quote, installation, removal, and storage. Enjoy a stress-free decorating season!


Custom Lighting Design

We can do as much or as little as you want to make your home perfect for the holidays.

Installation & Maintenance

402 Christmas Lights installs your lights and provides any necessary maintenance throughout the season

Removal & Storage

After the season, we’ll remove the lights and store them in our warehouse for safe-keeping. No more tangled lights stored in your garage!


At 402 Christmas Lights, we take pride in our professional & courteous service.  We’ll arrive on time, exceed your expectations, and treat your home as we would treat our own.

Give your family a warm welcome this Christmas Season with professionally installed lighting from 402 Christmas Lights.

1. Free Custom Design & Quote

We have professional designers and state-of-the-art technology that can help bring your ideas to life through our custom design and quote.

We’ll help you find the perfect Christmas light design for your home, whether you want a little or a lot. We’ll then provide a free quote for the design, which comes without any obligation!

2. We Provide all lights and supplies

402 Christmas Lights will provide everything you might need: lights, fixtures, fittings, and all other supplies specific to your design. These are included with our services.

We own the lights and are leasing them to you as a part of our all-in-one service package. This means that you never have to run to the store for extra strings of lights and hope they match.  We supply 100% of what’s needed! 

3. Safe and professional installation

Having workers at your home can, understandably, feel a little daunting. After all, your home is one of the most important and expensive things you own, and you don’t want anyone to damage or ruin pieces of your property.

When you use 402 Christmas Lights, we guarantee the safest and most professional Christmas light installation in the region. Our crew is fully trained and qualified to handle any job without causing any damage to your house!

4. Free maintenance

It is not common, but from time to time a bulb may blow, flicker, break, or part of your lights might get knocked down due to the weather. If this happens, we’ll be there to fix the problem free of charge!

All of our light installations come with a warranty, so if you ever need us just give us a call; we’ll be there as soon as possible to fix whatever the issue may be.

5. Safe removal and storage

When the holidays are over, the lights need to come down! At 402 Christmas Lights, we’ll arrange a time that is most convenient with you to safely remove any lights or decorations. Just like with the installation, our removal service is swift, safe, and will not disturb you or your home.

Additionally, once the lights are down, we’ll take everything away and store it all safely at our facilities, ready for the following year. Never again will you have to find space in your garage or home for lights and fittings!

Christmas lights lincoln ne
Christmas lights lincoln ne
Christmas lights lincoln ne
Christmas lights lincoln ne


I love how lights look but hate putting them up, fixing broken bulbs (or even finding them), then taking them down after the season.  Thankfully I found 402 Christmas Lights; I’m happy to let them do the work and even store the lights…now I just get to enjoy them!  –Dan C., Lincoln

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